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Diploma/ / BE
3 months
3 months


Mechanical Electrical Plumbing focuses on mechanical drawing, mechanical drafting & design services with knowledge of Electrical and plumbing equipment. The Mechanical part of MEP is known as HVAC. It is responsible for the installation and maintenance of A.C heating and ventilation meaning changing fillers and installing the furnace. It also involves Electrical parts for outlets and application but also lighting switches, fire alarm, security, system, as well as lighting protection when necessary. The plumbing part also handles fine suppression system and storm pipe system as well as the gas delivery system in Medical and laboratory setting. The Civil technologies deal of energy and water, along with sophistical and secure methods of delivery. Modern building requires substantial ventilation environmental control as well as the safety precaution.

What you will learn

HVAC design engineers usually work for consulting or design companies. They work directly with clients to design new or replacement heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems specific to customer needs and building specifications. They may focus on solving problems related to air quality issues, environmental issues, or energy efficiency. HVAC design engineers work on residential, commercial, and industrial
Projects. Their tasks include completing HVAC-related drawings, preparing project estimates, and overseeing the installation of projects to completion




  • Introduction to role of HVAC engineering in industry
  •  Various job profiles, HVAC site ENG:
  • HVAC designing &estimation
  •  HVAC sales & application eng;
  • Types of A/C, operation & application
  • Duct able split A/C
  • Packaged roof top A/C


  • Design selection & estimation
  •  Heat load calculation
  •  Using HAP software
  •  Psychometric chart analysis & their use in design
  • Relative humidity
  • A/C unit selection
  • Introduction of various brand A/C catalogue
  •  Unit selection from catalogue based on capacity

Introduction to PLUMBING

  • Plumbing Fixtures
  •  Plumbing Standards
  •  Public & Private fixtures
  •  Calculations for sizing of water tank
  • Pump sizing calculation
  • Water distribution Piping & Calculation
  •  Hydro Pneumatic Systems Domestic & flush Water Tanks


  • Basics of Fire Fighting
  • Rules & Standards
  • Classification of Hazards
  •  Fire fighting tank
  • Types of sprinkler systemPumps
  • Design Of fire hydrants