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Mechanical QA QC Course

Course Features

Diploma/ / BE
2&half months
2 months


Mechanical QA QC Course Certified Quality Controller is a post engineering specialization certification programme for Engineering graduates & Diploma holders. After successful completion of this programme, each candidate will be enough trained equivalent to an Engineer of 5-year relevant experience in handling various duties and responsibilities of respective industry. The Certification programme covers a wide range of topics and is not limited to Quality Control only. This course is crafted according to meet the Guidelines & standards of ASME, API, ASNT, ASQ, AWS, and ISO. QA/QC is the only, exclusive accredited certification programme for fresh engineers toward the above said Quality related professions.

What you will learn

This comprehensive course focuses on QA/QC Systems including the development of skills and knowledge of QA/QC ENGINEER positions for various sectors including Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power plant, Fabrication industries, information technology and social sector. This course is extremely real-world oriented, using National and International standards including those of well-known companies GASCO, PDO, SAUDI ARAMCO & KDC.

 *For more information on the topics covered within each module, Additional Information area


  1.   Roles & Responsibilities of QC Inspector
  2.   Codes & Standards
  3.   WPS, PQR, WQT etc..
  4.   Test Pack Preparation
  5.   Welds and Joint Preparation
  6.   Welding Process
  7.   Welding Variables
  8.   Welding Materials & Consumables
  9.   Isometric Drawing and P&ID
  10.   Destructive Testing
  11.   Punch Listing


Welding Inspection

  1.  Weld Preparation
  1.   Welding Positions
  2.   Welding Consumables and Auxiliary Materials
  3.   Heat Input during Welding
  4.  Weld build-up and Number of passes
  5.  Welding Sequence
  6.   Preheating
  7.  Post Weld Heat Treatment


Piping and Pipeline Engineering

  1. Process Piping
  2. Codes and Standards
  3. ASME Section – IX
  4. ASME Section – II
  5. ASME Section – B 31
  6. Pipe Routing
  7. Isometric Drawings
  8. Pressure Testing Etc



  1. Visual Testing
  2. Radiographic Testing
  3.  Ultrasonic Testing
  4.  Penetrant Testing
  5.  Magnetic Particle Testing