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Medical Scribing represents a groundbreaking development in modern medicine. In the past, doctors were primarily focused on patient care, but the introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has added a substantial burden of documentation and clerical tasks. To alleviate this workload for doctors, the concept of medical scribing has emerged. During a patient examination, a third party, referred to as a medical scribe, observes the examination through video calls, Google Lens, or other technological means and transcribes all relevant information. This approach serves to free up doctors to concentrate on patient care.

In this advanced process, cutting-edge technology, such as Google, allows a second individual to remotely experience and assist the doctor by sharing their observations and insights, even from a different location. Scribes play an integral role within the medical care team, working closely with the doctor on a predetermined schedule. They maintain constant communication with the doctor and have the ability to witness and hear everything the doctor experiences throughout the day. Scribes play a vital role in capturing the narrative of each patient visit.

To enroll in a medical scribe course in Kerala, you need to meet the following qualifications:

Passion for Healthcare: A genuine passion and interest in working in the healthcare industry are also important qualifications. Being committed to the responsibilities and demands of this field is essential for success in a medical scribing course.

Please note that specific institutions or courses may have variations in their eligibility criteria, so it’s advisable to check with the particular program you are interested in for any additional requirements or details.

This diploma program comprises two mandatory stages or levels. To advance through the program, students are required to meet specific criteria, including passing an Online Assessment Test at each level. Successful completion of the criteria for each level is necessary to progress to the next stage.

The medical scribing career offers several notable highlights:

In addition to these highlights, the medical scribing career offers a well-defined growth hierarchy. Completing a Medical Scribing course and training successfully can lead to becoming a doctor-approved medical scribe with an initial salary of Rs. 40,000 per month. As you gain experience and expertise, you have the opportunity to climb the career ladder, making medical scribing an attractive and job-oriented career path, especially for students in Kerala after completing their higher secondary education.

Medical Scribing Syllabus